NSWRC harnessing the power of technology for reconciliation

NSW Reconciliation Council - Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Technology is creating new opportunities for reconciliation in NSW.

Online communities are influencing the real world in ways previously thought impossible.

The power of online community building and campaigning was made clear by the 2008 Obama presidential campaign. Online technologies contributed to Americans putting an African-American in the Whitehouse years before anyone thought it would be possible. It is time for Australians to harness the same technologies to make change in our own communities.

NSW Reconciliation Council is taking advantage of the internet to develop an online presence that will significantly advance reconciliation in NSW.

The new NSWRC website and associated Social Media sites (including Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and YouTube) will build online and offline networks, facilitate conversations and dialogue, raise awareness and understanding of Indigenous issues, history and culture, encourage the sharing of stories and keep local people informed.

The NSWRC website provides a space where people from all over the State can share ideas and mobilise. It is a place where people can come to converse and engage in dialogue about reconciliation and issues affecting local communities. The internet allows people to connect irrespective of their location. NSWRC is harnessing this power to help people from around the State communicate and build a grassroots movement for reconciliation.

For the website to be successful, people need to get involved, connect with others and contribute content. The online community will then flourish and turn into real community action where individuals and groups can influence relationships and create opportunities for reconciliation in towns and cities around NSW. 

It is important people join the movement and become online members. Becoming a member of the NSWRC website and associated Social Media sites is a great way to network, stay informed, share information, learn, converse and find out how, where and when to take action to achieve reconciliation.

While the website is a tool for people to connect, it is also a rich resource full of up-to-date information about news, events, activities and opportunities.

Members of the NSWRC have been very eager to see the new website go live. A focus of the website is also to highlight the work of Local Reconciliation Groups (LRG) and showcase their actions, events and activities. Each LRG has its own page on the website where people can find out what their local groups are doing.

The website has 10 main sections:

What is reconciliation? – Answers basic questions about reconciliation and gives overview of the movement.

News and Events – Up-to-date news and events in NSW related to reconciliation and Indigenous issues.

Local Reconciliation Groups – Over 60 groups with their own individual pages.

Campaigns and Projects – NSWRC campaigns and projects that you can support and get involved in.

Sharing Stories – People sharing their reconciliation stories and experiences.

Conversations – Blog and Forum where people can connect, converse, contribute to and develop the reconciliation dialogue.

Resources – Access a wide range of video, audio and written resources.

Opportunities – Links to grants, jobs, scholarships, internships and volunteer opportunities in NSW.

Youth – A section focused on youth projects, competitions and resources.

Members – People can join the movement online giving you access to specialised members section, which includes discussion forums.

I encourage everybody in NSW to check out the site, browse the resources, connect with others and Join the Peoples Movement for Reconciliation!



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