I’m Not Racist, But...

“I’m Not Racist, But…” is an interactive forum that aims to generate an open discussion around racism in Australia, through the personal reflections and perspectives of a diverse group of Australians. Since its beginnings in 2012, “I’m Not Racist, But…” has developed a reputation for being funny, edgy and enlightening, and has featured a diverse range of speakers including John Safran, Nazeem Husain, Jennifer Wong and Tasnim Saeid.

In 2016, our panel of guests took to the stage to discuss the theme of “Language, Identity and Belonging”. The audience at Sydney’s Giant Dwarf Theatre heard from spoken word artist Luka Lesson,  journalist Alex McKinnon, Professor Jakelin Troy, and artist Abdul Abdullah. You can read an adapted version of Professor Troy’s speech, “Why Every Aussie Should Learn To Speak An Indigenous Australian Language”, on Junkee.com, along with Nakkiah Lui’s 2015 INRB talk, “It’s Not Racism That Australia Needs To Get Rid Of; It’s The Privilege Of Whiteness”.

Alex McKinnon, Luka Lesson and Abdul Abdullah in conversation with Yatu Widders-Hunt at INRB 2016