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The Women’s Network (WRN) is an informal network of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and other Australian women concerned with the ongoing process of reconciliation between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the wider Australian community. The principal focus of our work is “bridge building”; ie, the shifting of attitudes within the dominant culture to create spaces in which self-determination by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and a rights-based approach to overcoming their present disadvantage, can take place.

Launched in Sydney in 1996, the WRN includes members of other Local Reconciliation Groups, the International League for Peace and Freedom, Catholic Women’s League, Older Women’s Network, Women’s Electoral Lobby, Reconciliation Australia, Institute of Cultural Affairs, ANTaR and others. The WRN is, in turn, a member of the NSW Reconciliation Council and ANTaR NSW. All WRN members volunteer their time and resources to maintain the network, share information, hold meetings, initiate and develop projects, and organise events. The WRN is in contact with the growing number of other women’s groups around Australia working towards reconciliation.

The WRN has published several items: ‘Healing our Nation through Women’s Wisdom’ – book, 1997; ‘Around the Kitchen Table’ video 1998; ‘Around the Kitchen Table Reconciliation Resource’ – handbook and DVD, 2005 (republished online, 2010); ‘Poems of Love and Reconciliation‘ by Deborah Ruiz Wall, 2006.

Email Sally Fitzpatrick on sfjw(AT)iprimus.com.au for more information about the Kit.

Media Release: Along the Highway: Opening Hearts and Minds

Download WRN publication and community resource Around The Kitchen Table


Briefly, the WRN works to:
• Promote the process of reconciliation throughout our communities, workplaces, networks and organisations.
• Raise awareness of protocols important to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
• Foster and acknowledgement and practise of an inclusive history.
• Build bridges of understanding and provide opportunities for healing.
• Create partnerships for the future between women (both younger and older) from diverse backgrounds.



On Cadigal Wangal land
Regular Meetings held at the Redfern Community Centre Hugo Street Redfern – close to the Redfern Station on the last Thursday of alternate months (March, May, July, September, November).

Special Events 2011
July 21st – Annual Spirit Event, 10 am-2.30 pm, Redfern Community Centre
September 29th – “Our Generation” film screening and discussion led by Jeff McMullan
November 24th – “Immigration Nation” film screening and discussion

Contacts: Frennie Beytagh, email: frennie(AT)tpg.com.au


The Convenors of the group are Alex-Oonagh and Elaine Telford.

For more information please contact NSWRC.


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